My daughter Adriana has visual tracking and processing issues. She started tutoring and neuro-conditioning therapy with Ms. Marge in October 2010. After 3 sessions, my daughter was reading at a much faster and higher pace. She was able to focus on her reading and school assignments. The change has been tremendous! She is now working at a much higher level. Homework was a 5 hour event and now it is a short 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Adriana continues with therapy and tutoring and enjoys the sessions with Ms. Marge.

Because of this program, Adriana's social skills and self-esteem have improved from night to day!

Ms. Marge has been a blessing to my daughter and our family. She has helped my daughter with her tracking, focusing, and especially her reading. Because of this my daughter has more confidence and is able to deal with everyday life without her mom and dad helping her along. We now are standing back and watching her blossom into a lovely young lady.



I am so grateful to have met Ms. Marge in November 2009. She has helped my daughter in so many ways. We were at a point now in my daughter's therapy that I only dreamed could have existed and has allowed us to share so many things with her. I know we are very lucky to have the fortunate opportunity to have my daughter and family work with Ms. Marge.

Ms. Marge is more knowledgeable than any one specialized therapist. From the inner working of how my daughter's brain processes information – how she responds to her environment – to physical activities of balance and writing. The results are amazing and speak for themselves.

My daughter had difficulty writing. We spent years with different Occupational Therapists. We tried all suggestions, methods-grips-weights-with no improvement in her writing. After 3 weeks of working with Ms. Marge my daughter was writing. I never bought another grip or weight again!

The therapy works like magic! I only need to express a concern or problem we are having and in no time – No Problem! Ms. Marge has a discerning eye and many tools to fix all the pieces, so they fit back together and work together again.

Allyson Estevez (2011)


As the founder of Moms Reach-Miami, a local organization providing information and support to families with children on the autism spectrum, I am always interested in new and innovative therapies that will benefit our kids. Little did I know that Marge Scardina's Missing Link Method would have such an amazing and profound effect on my own daughter. Within one month of beginning Marge's Missing Link therapy, my daughter was infinitely more observant of the people, places and things that she observed. Tiny details that would have easily escaped her attention prior to the therapy were now easily noticed and commented upon. As we continued with the therapy, my daughter's spontaneous speech improved and her sentences became increasingly complex. Attending behaviors improved dramatically as did her receptive language skills. Also, her visual tracking, balance, and coordination are now easily on par with typical children. When I first spoke to Marge, she said, "Give me one month, if you don't see any improvement, stop the therapy." The results we saw within the month were inspiring---the results we seen as we've moved beyond the first month have been nothing short of amazing. We love Miss Marge!

Lainie Hansen
Moms Reach-Miami


Hi, my name is Estrella Rodriquez and my son David Rodriguez was diagnosed with PPD, which is a mild form of autism.

He was vocal, but no one could understand what he was saying and that included his father and me at times. He was not able to grasp any homework that was given to him by his teachers. We would teach him a word or a sound and go over it many times and five minutes would go by and we would ask him to say the word or the sound and he just could not remember. We were told that his upper strength was weak because his scapula was offset. He had sensitivity issues and cried all the time.

David has been going to Ms. Marge and doing Neuro-Conditioning Therapy for almost two years now and it’s incredible the difference she has made in David’s and our lives. My son has not only become more vocal, but now we have a better understanding of what he is saying. His learning ability has improved a great deal especially with Math. He can hang from the monkey bars and go all the way through without falling or giving up.

Ms. Marge has not only given David therapy, but to me as well. She listens to me when the rollercoaster is low and talks to me when I need encouragement. She has taught me ways to better educate David with his homework and with personal issues. Most of all, she has given me hope that things will get better.

I only encourage every parent that crosses her path or hears about her to give her a try and I am certain that they will see the improvements.

Estrella Rodriguez (2012)


Ms. Marge is a loving and caring person who wants only the best for our daughter Faith. She works with Faith in areas that often go unnoticed in other therapies. Ms. Marge focuses on the little details during Faith’s sessions which make a big difference in her well-being. She works on body coordination, eye tracking and attending, and auditory skills along with conversational skills with Faith in a fun atmosphere that Faith enjoys. Ms. Marge is patient with Faith, encourages her and is a blessing in Faith’s life.



My child was diagnosed with PPD and her testing results by the psychologist revealed that she scored in the 6th percentile with communication skills. After six months of Neuro-Conditioning therapy, I had her retested. The results were astonishing. She scored in the 44th percentile! The psychologist couldn’t believe the improvement and even administered the test twice to make sure! Not only were her verbal communication skills improved, but her academic abilities also increased and some of them were above her grade level.



The OT told us after a year of working with our child, that our child would never be able to jump, throw or catch a ball, and that we should just get use to the idea. Our child couldn’t speak and some specialist suggested that our child was possibly mentally retarded. After six months of neuro-conditioning therapy, our child could jump, began to catch and throw a ball and could speak. The longer we continued the therapy, the better our child became. Now our child enjoys the pleasure of outings, knows that siblings exist and attends regular school with some assistance. Our child is intelligent and continues to improve all the time.



What we have heard from our parents!

"For the first time, my daughter looked me in the eye and said, "I love you Daddy!"


"I am the proudest mother right now. My daughter made the Principal's Honor Roll and received two trophies in academic achievement! She has never received any awards in her past school years."


"Now my child has an opinion and can tell me what they want to wear and what they want to eat!"


"You must be doing something right because our child has had numerous therapies for the past two years and we have never experienced these types of results!"


"My son comes home now from school, opens his book bag, takes out his agenda and begins his homework by himself! He has never done that before."


"Yay! For the first time our child has told us that they needed to use the bathroom! That is huge!"

"Even my spouse has noticed the improvement in our child's eye contact!"


"I was so happy to hear my child speak; I never thought the day would come that I would like them to just take a break for a little while from talking so much!"


"It was the biggest joy listening to my child socializing with their sibling. Our child rarely knew who was in the room, let alone recognizing a sibling and what they were doing!"


"My child had 40 hours a week of ABA and three hours a week of Speech and still couldn't talk or even began to understand anything about their environment. Now, with none of those other therapies, they can tell me what they want, when they are tired, communicate their likes and dislikes and continually improves academically!"


"How did you know how to fix my child? She has had twelve years of different therapies and never has been able to do what she is doing now…speaking, understanding, socializing, learning to read and wants to know when we are getting her a cellphone so she can call her friends!"


"For the first time in the nine years of my child's life, they have begun to recognize things in our home, like different mirrors or a change of furniture."

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