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Margaret Scardina

Ms. Margaret Scardina is the founder of the Missing Link Method and co-developer of Neuro-Conditioning Therapy. She has spent the last 25 years working with children who have special needs and has applied her expertise and knowledge to develop an effective therapy for autistic children and slow processing issues along with developmental delays.

Ms. Scardina holds a Masters in Special Education, National Board Certified in Special Needs, Bachelors in Applied Behavioral Analyzes K-12, and holds certificates in SOI Training (Structure of Intelligence), ESOL, Gifted, and Reading. She has been through several training programs that deal with “How the Brain Works” such as: Learning Breakthrough Program, Fast Forward, Brain Gym, Auditory Processing Systems, and Cognitive Development.

The knowledge, wisdom, and research that Ms. Scardina has obtained over the years has given her the understanding of how a child learns, how they function and what they need to possess in order to become productive members of society. In combination with these attributes, Ms. Scardina also understands the complexity of how the brain functions and what is needed to improve those functions.

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Pamela Scardina

Ms. Pamela Scardina, Co - founder of The Missing Link Method and founder of Dancer’s Pointe Dance Studio, has been an advocate and active researcher in developing Neuro-Conditioning therapy for the past 8 years. During this time, she has also developed individualized physical training, dance therapy and parent assistance programs targeted for the autistic community.

Ms. Scardina earned a B.A. in Dance Education from Florida International University, where she developed her thesis integrating language arts and dance curriculum in order to enhance critical thinking skills needed in high school students. Ms. Scardina has been dancing for over 30 years and teaching tap, jazz, ballet, acro and contemporary style dance for over 18 years. Firmly believing that dance is a gift that should be shared with children from all walks of life, Ms. Scardina has created an effective and fun dance curriculum as well as physical training programs for autistic children.

Over the years as a therapist, her knowledge and experience of movement, childhood cognitive development and physical training has been a great asset in producing Neuro Conditioning Therapy. Understanding the complexity of how the mind and body work together and her drive to give autistic children a better quality life, leaves a positive impact in the eyes of her students as well as their families.

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