About Us

Mission Statement
The mission of the Missing Link Method is to provide new innovative therapies that will provide autistic children and families with continual improvements in all areas of normal development that will enable any child to function at their fullest potential. Until now, society has been consumed with interventions that have only touched the surface of autism and have failed to get to the center of the problem. The Missing Link Method's mission is to close these gaps by addressing the issues as a comprehensive whole, "One body - one mind!"

How we began
During Ms. Marge's years as a special education teacher, she was always intrigued on how the mind works and what would be the best method to use when trying to alleviate a child's learning disability. It was not until she was faced with the difficult task of working with an autistic child, did her years of research and dedication towards finding the answers to an effective intervention for autism come into play.

Andy, (her first autistic child) was 15, non-verbal, aggressive, rapid eye movements and unable to retain anything academically, socially or environmentally. It was obvious that the standard methods of interventions were not going to be effective. Ms. Marge began experimenting with non-conventional types of methods that dealt with improving the function and processing speed of the brain. After all, everything that we do…hear, see, smell, say and touch must begin with the brain. The results were amazing; after three months of interventions, Andy was able to speak, (both English and Spanish), began to read and retain information, show emotions, engage in social interactions, improved eye-contact and her aggressive behaviors were almost non-existent. One of the most interesting elements of Andy's recovery was that everything that professionals had tried to teach her for the past 10 years was actually embedded in the brain. Once she could communicate, all of her teachings could be recognized. It was also noted: "Andy's brain was now processing!" This is the "Missing Link" that all other interventions have failed to address...speeding up the processing of the brain.

After years of researching and experimenting with different methods, Ms. Marge developed Neuro-Conditioning therapy and soon joined forces with her daughter, Ms. Pam. They both had a common goal because they were faced with autism in their own backyard. Pam's son was diagnosed on the autistic spectrum and having great difficulties with all aspects of life. He was showing severe deficits in communication, visual, sensory, digestive, social, environmental and academics. Everyday life experiences were extremely difficult for him, but Ms. Marge and Ms. Pam were determined to help him in every way. Ms. Marge gave him neuro conditioning therapy and helped him with his academic deficits while Ms. Pam helped him with everyday tasks, social interaction and muscular endurance. No matter how long it took or how small the task was, as long as he was making progress, he was getting better control of his mind and body. Since Ms. Pam has a degree in dance education and a unique understanding of the muscular dynamics that the body uses in performing daily gross/fine motor skills, she has been able to add her own approach to Neuro Conditioning therapy and developed Physical Training Therapy and Dance Therapy to The Missing Link Method.

The combination of Ms. Marge's and Ms. Pam's knowledge and experiences how the brain and body functions was a match made in heaven. Together, they are dedicated to giving each child a chance to experience "One body, One mind".

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